Wednesday, August 21, 2013


....This is for a friend who knows who she is.... Yes, this word has been used... it is all good!

Routine, familiar patterns, they lead us in a since of security and when those routines are changed unexpectedly or on purpose it can be difficult to adjust. I have said it before and I will say it again, change can be good.

Every year the is a familiar pattern for the lives of children. They go to school from August or September to May or June... Unless of course they go to a year round school, which in that case their lives are even more routine. Then they get out for summer, a break from "routine", but still a part of the routine of a child's life. Even parents have a routine that follow this schedule, while kids are at school things are "normal"; during the summer not so much. We know it is going to happen it is not unexpected, so why is it so hard to get back into the routine? Why isn't it like turning on a light switch?

Humans just don't like change, period. It is hard to give up "freedoms" of summer, for the hustle and bustle of getting up at such and such time, driving this child here, that one the opposite direction. Those with small kids long for them to be older so they can be more independent, so they can drive themselves.... then when they are able to do that you long for them to be small again so you can protect them and care for them. We don't like change!

Now, to encourage my friend and anyone else who may be reading this.... the change you are going through today will not break you... you will survive and come out the other side alive... your "new" routine will become a habit, and you will be longing for something different again... We don't like change, yet when we get in a routine we wish it was more exciting, less routine, something different. It always seems that the routine that settles into habit eventually becomes mundane.

Lord, I pray for everyone longing for a set routine so life is a little easier. Help the changes and transition to go smoothly, and help it not to become mundane. I pray especially for my friend to find her pace and the things she needs to make her life all it needs to be.

The Quote:
"I like having a routine, because everything else... is so unpredictable" ~Jordana Brewster
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