Monday, August 19, 2013


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"You always hurt the one you love, the one you shouldn't hurt at all... with a hasty word you can't recall..." ~ Partial Song written by Doris Fisher and Allan Roberts, preformed by the Mills Brothers
Why is it that we hurt the ones we love? We forget to notice them or we take them for granted. We say words without thinking that cut to the bone. We neglect to tell them just how much they mean to us. We never intentionally try to hurt someone we love, it happens. We are human. Even when we state the truth, or the obvious we can hurt someone.

When I hurt someone, it usually hurts me also. I get upset with myself and worry that the loved one I hurt, will never forgive me or they didn't understand my intentions. It can cause us both a lot of pain. I wonder if we should never tell the truth. There are many husbands out there that will tell their wives a "lie" just to keep from hurting them. I don't think that is right either. I would rather tell the truth and have someone upset with me than to tell a "lie".

So, I find myself often between a rock and a hard place. Sandwiched in between telling the truth and either not saying anything or "lying". I usually take the hard route, and I know I have possibly hurt the person I have told the truth, and they may never speak to me again, I would rather have done that in Love than lied. Keeping it too myself doesn't help either because then it bothers me that the person may get hurt, without the truth. So, why do we hurt the ones we love.... it is because we love them! At least when we are telling the truth.

Lord, I pray that those I love know that if I tell them the truth, I am doing it out of Love. I pray they can forgive me and in turn I can forgive myself. I do not like to hurt people, and I never mean to intentionally hurt someone. Help me to always speak the truth in Love.

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