Saturday, August 10, 2013


God's love and grace are never-ending and ever-reaching. Today, I was reading a devotion from "Elisha: A Tale of Ridiculous Faith" in the story, Elisha helped the widow woman whose sons were about to be taken away as slaves because she own money. He told her to get her boys to collect as many empty jars as they could, then she was to go into her house and pour from her one small jar of oil into each of those containers. As long as there were containers, there was oil to fill them. Final, she asked for another jar, her son said there are no more and the oil stopped. God provided for her enough oil to sell to keep her family together. Her cup literally ran over and she had Joy unspeakable.

How often do we take for granted the provisions God makes for us this way on a daily basis? He provides in so many ways and we think what a good job we do at providing for ourselves. I believe I only have the things I have because God has allowed me to have them. Yet, I hardly ever notice it until my money runs out and I need something, then I realize when that something is provided whether it be the money or the thing, that it is by God's hand I have it. I need to thank God every day for everything! If he did not provide for me from His bountiful storehouse I would have nothing. I can never out give Him... His provision is never-ending, His makes my cup overflow, and I should have joy unspeakable because of it. To many times I forget.

Thank-you Lord for you never-ending provision, love, and grace. Help me to stop taking it for granted or claiming it under my own power.

The Quotes:
"My cup runs over" Psalm 23:5
"Bring another vessel." "There is not another" Then the oil stopped. II Kings 4:6
"Joy unspeakable and full of glory" ~Barney E. Warren
The Drawing:


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