Monday, December 31, 2012

Beginning Something New

It is the day before the New Year and all through my mind, thoughts are racing as they do every year at this time. What resolutions will I make and will I keep them this year? I have many doubts and I have many fears. Then one thought came quickly like the flash of a light, if I start something I like, I just might.
I had an idea and I have done some things in the past, so I put them together and I think they are a match.

Okay, enough with trying to be "poetic" :)

There are some things I have participated in over the past few summers that I really enjoyed.
Illustration Friday
Diva's Weekly Zentangle Challenge
I.C.A.D. Index Card a Day
Everyday Matters

These have been quite fun! I need something to relax me and help me de-stress. So this is my plan and I hope you will find time to join me or at least follow along on my journey.

I plan to find one word for each day. I will find a quote about that word or that includes that word. The quote may be from anywhere, knowing me I am sure many will come from the Bible. I plan to also draw a picture, doodle, or illustrate that word and/or quote in some way. I will mostly use index cards for this process because they are portable, cheap, and easy to store. I may find it necessary to use some other kind of paper or my art journal if the topic just needs to be in a different place. 

So that is the plan, and I want to stay with it... Having you join me will be one way to help me keep this going! I hope you will!

I will start tomorrow January 1, 2013.... Come join me on this Journey :)