Saturday, March 21, 2015

Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. It starts out with all the pieces a jumble… then slowly and with a lot of work the pieces start fitting together. One person comes into our lives as another leaves, we do some good in our lives and we make some mistakes. Bad things happen but those pieces are just as important as the good things. They are pieces that without them the finished puzzle would have holes and not be what it should be.

Little by little the pieces come together, we can see parts forming an image, while some places we still have no idea what it will be. There are other areas that haven’t even started to come together. There are times we think we will never get it finished. Years and years we strive to fit the pieces together. At times we even try to force them together because we just know that piece goes there…. But it doesn't. When we realize that, it makes putting the piece where it belongs so much easier.

Then one day, the last day, the final pieces falls in to place, unfortunately we will not be able to see its beauty, as a finished portray. We will leave it for others to behold. It will be our legacy, it will be who the world remembers us as.

I wonder what my finished puzzle will look like. Will it be something everyone will want to see? Or a jumbled mess with torn and ragged pieces no one will want to behold? 

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