Friday, June 20, 2014


Today, I read the article in The American Press, "Update: Mixed Reactions to Governor's Executive Order on Common Core", June 19, 2014. There are many things about this article and Common Core that I have problems with, there is one in particular that bothered me.

Near the end of the article Carrie Griffin Monica stated,
"If we are going to start a new school year where we don’t have standards and don’t have an assessment, then our educators have no idea what it is that they are supposed to be doing in their classroom"
Now, I don't know about other teachers... I for one was upset by what she said. On May 21, 2013 I posted  about the word ROBOT...  I spoke of how in today's educational world we as teachers have to go through the motions and teach what we are told when we are told without regard to learning styles, or the child's readiness to move on. Teach the curriculum, verbatim.

I believe if you let teachers do what they do because they love their jobs and their students, without forcing them to abide strictly to a script then our students will do better, and learn more. Yes, we need standards and yes, we need to teach specific things during specific grades, for the development level of the child. Tell us what will be on the test (not exact questions but the skills), then we can and will get the job done.

In years past that is the way education was, there were curriculum, standards, and teacher's manuals. The teachers used their good judgement and the knowledge of their students to get through what was needed for all students to progress. I made it through school and feel that I have done well. I think that many of us who would really think about it, owe our ability to work and function in this world to a teacher who taught without mandates and scripts. We as teachers today can do that too! Just give us the chance. Don't say if we have no standards or assessments, we have no idea what to do.... we do!

Now, I know that I may be way off on what Monica was trying to say... it just rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like she was saying we are incapable of doing the job we were "called" to do without help from the powers that be. So forgive me if I took it the wrong way... I just needed to say what I feel.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Living Life in the Fast Lane

Rushing, rushing, rushing... days speed by and hours tick away, I seem to get lost in all the hustle. It has been a while since I have written, the journey has gotten in the way :(

There have been so many things going on during the past two and a half months. In school, we have given the State Test, I had my final observation (I hate those) and we have successfully finished the school year. It was an awesome year and I can't wait for next year. School ended on May 23rd, and I had one week "off"... I actually spent it preparing for my Computer Camps. 

The first computer camp was last week. The camp was a basic camp focusing on how to use a computer and common programs such as Word, and PowerPoint. I had 4 wonderful students ranging in age from Kindergarten to adult. One of the ladies from my church came to the camp. I think they all had a lot of fun together. 

This week is my second and final camp of the year. In this camp I have five students ranging from 2nd to 5th grade. We are learning to blog. I have them making their post at which is safe and secure. No one can get to those blogs except for us. I hope that they will want to continue to blog and have a voice in the world.

I have also been helping a friend out that does not have a car. She needs to be at work at 6 am, so I have been getting up and taking her. This morning, I decided to stay and eat at the establishment where she works, while I was there I did my Bible reading. This is the first verse I read...
"My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer." ~Psalm 45:1
Needless to say that that verse is why I really decided to write this post today. I know I have been slack in doing this and I need to make an effort to write more. It keeps my mind busy, not that it haven't been, just not in this fashion.

As I continued to read I came to Psalm 51:10
"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."
This made me think of a song I first heard John and Micheal Talbot sing on the album "The Painter". The choir I was in when attending Baptist Christian College sang it as we would enter an auditorium to perform. I have always liked this song...
"Create in me a clean heart, O God, let me be like you in all my ways, Give me your strength, teach me your song. Shelter me in the shadow of your wings. For we are your righteousness, if we die to ourselves and live through your death. Then we shall be born again to be blessed in your Love." 
I need to slow down and remember to let God create in me a renewed and right spirit, to help me be more like Him.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bumps in the Road

Ok, so my Anonymous friend must really wanting me to write something. So I will :P

As I am travelling down this road of life I hit all kinds of bumps along the way. You would think I would be smart enough to maneuver around them or at least not let them surprise me so much. Yet, they still come so unexpectedly and many hit hard.

I am the worlds worst at letting one or two people determine how I feel about myself it seems. It is the way I have always been and believe me I try not to let the things people say, what they do to me, or the looks I get bother me. It is very hard. So the past few weeks has been no exception. In my sadness, my hurt, God spoke to me. On Sundays, we usually read in unison the bible passage for the sermon. This Sunday the passage was Romans 12.... all of it! Now I have verse 1 and 2 memorized because they are favorites of mine. "I beseech you there for brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God which is your reasonable service. And do not conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you my prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.  Now right there tells me that as long as I am serving God and trying my best to be a transformed person I should not worry about what others think. Yet, I do.... and the Chapter goes on....

As Roman 12 continues we read about spiritual gifts, all of them are not mentioned. The point is as a christian we are all given at least one gift and it is given to aid in the work of the body which is spoken of also. It speaks about how we should look at ourselves and others, how we should treat and care for others. This is where God started speaking to me.... The people who had said things or done things the past few weeks were not doing as this scripture says. and just as plain as day God was telling me... STOP worrying about them.... I have your back.... I called you to do what you do and I called you for who you are in Me! When someone hurts you don't take it out on them, or yourself.... Vengeance is Mine!

Now, I do not wish for God to do anything to anyone, that is not the point... the point God was making for me in that moment was.... He made me who I am in Him, and even though I am not perfect and I make mistakes HE made me! HE does not make JUNK! I need to stop letting them have my joy, my happiness, and my self-esteem. I say have because they can't take it from me unless I give it to them.... God wants me to STOP!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Want to join me?

Today, I am more than half way through reading "The Daniel Plan" by Rick Warren and others. I am planning to start the 40 days as soon as I finish the book. Here is the thing... I need "friends". Let me explain.

I used to be a PE (physical education) teacher and coach, but my ankles were ruined in the process, so I had to give up the physical part of my profession. I never thought I would have a heart problem, even though I had gained weight. In November 2012 at the age of 53, I had my second heart attack. I had another almost 5 years earlier. I have a sick heart and for myself, my God, and my family I want to get healthy. A nurse friend of mine suggested I read the Spectrum and try to live according to that life style. I became a semi-vegetarian and started exercising more, and following the plan. In that plan they wish you to watch your food, meditate, exercise, and love. It is mostly like the Daniel Plan which has 5 F's.... Faith, Food, Focus, Fitness, and Friends. In the spectrum, meditation is or can be both faith and focus. My issue is the last one. I have friends that will walk with me on occasion, but I think it needs to be more. I have friends I talk to about stuff but it needs to be different.

In both of the plans mentioned, having someone working the plan with you is very important. Someone you can and have to be accountable too. Someone who gets the struggles you are going through. And I don't think that person has to be where you live (although that would be more beneficial), it needs to be someone you can trust, someone you care about, and that cares about you, and someone willing to hold you accountable and encourage you and accept you holding them accountable and encouraging them. I am praying for some people like that or at least one to join me in this journey.

The spectrum helped me lose weight, and if the studies are right I would have lost more had I had the friendship factor... I need to get healthy... does anyone want to join me?

Lord, thank-you for the life I have today. It is truely because of your grace that I am still alive. I want to honor you everyday with my life and love you with all my being. Please Lord help me find friends to walk this journey with, to strength our lives for you!

"Two are better than one, because they have good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls for he has no one to lift him up." ~Ecclesiastes 4:9-10  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Title... New Journey...

The New Year has begun and with it a new adventure of sorts is beginning also. Every year we (most people) make "New Years" resolutions. We determine or resolve to accomplish something we want or need to accomplish in the year to come. Some of these we succeed in accomplishing and yet many we do not. I am resolving to do some of the standard resolutions, exercise more, lose weight, and give God more of my life. Last year I did lose weight, some of it found me again... I did exercise more, yet here in the colder months of the year's end, I slacked off some... I don't like cold weather. I did write in my blog last year more than half the 365 days, not everyday as I wanted. 

This year I am resolving to do something I have done before. I am going to read the Bible through. I should do this every year, I have not. I will with God's help read through the Bible this year and every year of my life from now on God willing. 

I plan to write in this blog when ever I am inspired to from God's word or His action in my life. If I draw something to go with a blog or to just be the post for that day I will post it also. I am not committing myself to writing daily, I know that is not possible. 

So, since I am changing the style of this blog, I changed the title also... I am calling it "The Trek" not because I like StarTrek but because our lives are Treks through this world... similar to the trek in Pilgrim's Progress. 
trek  intransitive verb \ˈtrek\
: to walk usually for a long distance
: to travel by walking through an area with many mountains, rivers, etc., for pleasure and adventure
: to go on a long and often difficult journey
This New Year will bring all kinds of things our way as will the rest of our lives. I plan to make the most of all that comes my way, to use it to the Glory of God, who allows it all for my betterment. The journey may be easy at times and it may be hard other times.... most of the time it will be just right for what I need.

Lord, Thank-you for another year to live for you and to grow according to your will. I pray for each and every person who reads my blog and is part of my life in some way to have your blessings and strength in this New Year. Lord please use this work for your honor and glory. Amen