Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Title... New Journey...

The New Year has begun and with it a new adventure of sorts is beginning also. Every year we (most people) make "New Years" resolutions. We determine or resolve to accomplish something we want or need to accomplish in the year to come. Some of these we succeed in accomplishing and yet many we do not. I am resolving to do some of the standard resolutions, exercise more, lose weight, and give God more of my life. Last year I did lose weight, some of it found me again... I did exercise more, yet here in the colder months of the year's end, I slacked off some... I don't like cold weather. I did write in my blog last year more than half the 365 days, not everyday as I wanted. 

This year I am resolving to do something I have done before. I am going to read the Bible through. I should do this every year, I have not. I will with God's help read through the Bible this year and every year of my life from now on God willing. 

I plan to write in this blog when ever I am inspired to from God's word or His action in my life. If I draw something to go with a blog or to just be the post for that day I will post it also. I am not committing myself to writing daily, I know that is not possible. 

So, since I am changing the style of this blog, I changed the title also... I am calling it "The Trek" not because I like StarTrek but because our lives are Treks through this world... similar to the trek in Pilgrim's Progress. 
trek  intransitive verb \ˈtrek\
: to walk usually for a long distance
: to travel by walking through an area with many mountains, rivers, etc., for pleasure and adventure
: to go on a long and often difficult journey
This New Year will bring all kinds of things our way as will the rest of our lives. I plan to make the most of all that comes my way, to use it to the Glory of God, who allows it all for my betterment. The journey may be easy at times and it may be hard other times.... most of the time it will be just right for what I need.

Lord, Thank-you for another year to live for you and to grow according to your will. I pray for each and every person who reads my blog and is part of my life in some way to have your blessings and strength in this New Year. Lord please use this work for your honor and glory. Amen

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