Sunday, February 8, 2015

Because this is Me!

Let me tell you who I am...

I am a Christian, a believer, I love with my whole being, and I get hurt easily because of it. God called me out long ago to be different, set apart. Now, to some I am just weird and have strange values, they are the things God has impressed on me.

I became a Christian in July 6th, 1972... that is the day I gave Jesus my heart. It wasn't till much later that I gave Him my life... see I believe there is a difference. many people believe and have given Jesus their hearts and allowed them to be their Savior but they haven't made Him Lord.

I have not always kept Him as Lord as someone very dear to me pointed out a couple of weeks ago and I agree... I didn't.... Now I am trying to live my life for Him.

With all that said let me go the direction I need to go with this...

Many years ago on January 9, 1977 I was in a bad car wreck. This was my senior year in High School. I have many scars because of this wreck physical and emotional. I have no idea what happen, all I know is I was hurt badly and was unconscious for several days.

One of my scars is on my face. At this current time in my life it is mostly unnoticeable because I am over weight. When I am thinner it is more noticeable. My mother wanted me to wear some heavy makeup to cover the scar. I did not want too. I believe at that time God gave me the reason for not wearing the makeup and I still do this day. My mother wanted to hide my scar, my "ugliness"... I believed if people didn't like it and wanted me to cover it up then they didn't really like who I was. I do not wear makeup, I don't need it (I know some people disagree). No, I am not always happy with my looks but guess what God made me, I don't want to cover that up. I don't like makeup, because it is not me!

Then there is the issued with my hair. I have been told so many times by people, who mean well, that I need to color my hair or cut it or whatever... I like my hair long, I like the color of my hair... I did color it once because I gave into the "badgering". It took me over a year to get it fixed... the coloring ruined the texture of my hair and yes it was done by a beautician. God made me, He made my hair.... cut and color is not going to change who I am.... it is not me!

My weight as I said is also an issue... yes I am working on it... people just don't know how much it hurts to hear some of the comments like.... "you're a vegetarian? why are you so fat?" It is hard enough to hear my doctor belittle me.... I am big (right now) but I am trying to lose... but guess what...I am me and God made me....

So to the people who mean well by telling someone what they should do with their hair, weight or makeup... think first, those outward things are not going to change who is on the inside and if it does then that person is probably not very strong. If you wear makeup or cut and color your hair that is great... I am glad you have the freedom to do what you want to do.... And so do I...

you can like me because I am me.... or well.... I still love you :)


  1. good for you! :o) hang in're an inspiration!

  2. good for you! :o) hang in're an inspiration!

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