Tuesday, January 27, 2015


While traveling Sunday, I was writing a blog post about the things I observed during the day in the airports and airplanes. The observations of the hurry up to wait attitudes and disregard for others. I guess it was not a topic that needed to be posted in the way I was writing about it, because I lost it all.... every word.... it just didn't save properly or was lost in cyberspace.
Of course I am still thinking about the fact that we do hurry too much. Yes, in an airport, train station, or bus depot we may have only a few minutes to make our connections. Barring that we still seem rushed and in our rush forget that we are not the only people around.
And when we do remember that others are around and maybe even stop to help someone else we are not always greeted with thankfulness.... or we may not have a thankful attitude when someone helps us.
It is my desire to be thankful and gracious when being on the receiving end of someone's generosity. And I strive to be willing to help people in any way I can, when I can. It is not always easy.
I don't want to be like Moses missing a blessing because I struck out in anger instead of speaking in obedience (Numbers 20). Or helping out in obligation instead of a real desire to help.
So what did I learn from my observations.... we really need to slowdown and consider all that is around us. We should seek to be gracious and thankful in all we do or for all that is done for us.

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