Saturday, January 3, 2015


I know it has been a very long time since I have written here. I have thought about writing often. Life's twists and turns have kept me from wanting to write or finding the time to write.

I decided that I would write today because of the prompt for the journal page in the Journal52 group is Pathways and I have something to say about that.

When I became old enough to understand a little about life and God I knew I wanted to follow Him. I was not sure why or how to go about doing that but I started moving in that direction. When I was very young my parents went to church I remember that... then we stopped.... I really didn't understand why. I started going to church with one of the people from my school, the secretary I think (it was a long time ago). I continued going to church with her even when we moved across town. She would come and pick me up sometimes. This was a pathway that allowed me to follow my heart which was leading me toward God.

Later, I began riding a church bus to Church every Sunday. I liked going with the other person but it was hard for her to come get me all the time. This church I was now attending had a lot of children attending because of the buses. The youth group was awesome too. My desire to walk the path toward God and to learn more about Him continued. I went to Camp Joy in Chattanooga, TN with this youth group in July 1972. That is where on July 6th I found who I was looking for, and my faith turned into belief that God loved me and His son died for me.

I continued down the pathway of my life. No, I have not always stayed on God's path. There have been many twists and turns that have come along. Many hurdles to get over, rocks in the road, and mountains to climb. I have been battered and bruised because the path of life is not easy. No one ever told me it would be. Knowing God is walking the path with me makes it easier, not easy.

I have many more days to walk down this path I hope, and I know that there are hard times and good times that will come up. I plan to face them with God's help every step of the way. I pray that God will guide me and all you who read this through life will eyes open, chins up, and the knowledge that He is right there with you!

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