Saturday, August 3, 2013


I may have said this before in this blog and I am sorry if I have. I know I have thought it before and I have written it, just not sure where...

Have you thought about how some of the most beautiful flowers are weeds? There are some that I think are more beautiful than roses. Dandelions are beautiful and fun, there are little pink and purple flowers on some that are stunning when photographed. Do you think God had a lesson in this? I do.... There is a lesson in all things... 

Weeds usually represent a bad thing something that makes your lawn or garden ugly. They come in and try to take over everything, they multiply quickly if they are not taken care of, because that kind of plant has to have partners. 

Now here is the idea.... We are weeds! I am sinful, without God I am ugly, and hateful. I go where I shouldn't and I multiply my weediness where ever I go. My weediness is not any worse than anyone else, it is all sin! Alone I can not help myself, I sin and I like it. If I let God in my weedy life there is a change, I am still a weed, I still sin and make mistakes, that never changes although I should strive to be sinless. The marvelous thing is He makes this weed something beautiful, He gives me a flower to show the world, one that is His creation. He makes the ugly, beautiful! 

Thank-you Lord for making weeds, and giving them flowers. Thank-you for loving me and making my weedy life beautiful.

The Quote:
"What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered." ~Ralph Waldon Emerson
The Drawing: I thought I would add some photos of "weeds" also :)


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