Thursday, August 8, 2013


You can't always be everything to everyone, because then you can never be you for you. I am sure you may not understand that, sometimes I am not sure I understand myself. Let me try and explain why I feel that way.

I know that I am a hard person to get to know, I also know that if you get past who you think I am, you will see who I really am. then everything will be ok. There are people in this world who could care less about who I am really, they want me to be something I can not be. I am hard to get to know and I am rough and gruff, I know that. With that said, I have not tried to intentional be mean to anyone. Even people who have done me wrong, I do not or try to not have a mean bone toward them. Sometimes the way I say things and the expressions I give are not meant the way they are perceived.  And yet those who choose to see me only at face value want me to conform to who they think I should be. I try to speak in a less rough tone, and I will continue to try.

I hold people at arms length, and I have a wall between me and the world. There are few people who have been allowed inside. I am trying to change that also. It is hard, and with God's help I can start to let more in. I can tell you those who are not willing to allow me to be me, will probably never get past  the wall at all. I can not change for people on this earth, God is working with me and He is not finished. I may never get rid of the gruffness and roughness until I get to heaven, I may never let any more inside my wall, and guess what if you can't except that then it is your problem. Again with that said, I am trying to be the person I should be, if I try to be someone that someone else wants me to be, I am not true to me. I am working on my faults, and maybe instead of looking for ways to change who someone else is, you (and I) should try to change the flaws we have.

I know I may not have cleared up my statement... Here goes.... I can not be what everyone in the world thinks I should be.... if I do that I can never be who I need to be for me... I have to be who I am....

God help me to change the things I can in my personality, Lord let them be because I can and should change them not because the "world" expects it. I am not here to please people, I am here to please you! Thank-you Lord for making me the person I am with all my faults and failures, because I know you do not make anything that is ugly. I am just a work in progress, the others have to except it or move on!

The Quote:
"God knows me thoroughly, yet loves me completely" ~Proverbs 31 Ministries
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