Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Lately, I feel that I have been annoying some of my friends to much. I want to chat too much on Facebook, they don't really want too. It probably seems I am there every time they login... I see when they come on and I say "Hi", or "how was your day?" Many times it seems like they can't get off fast enough and never answer me. This is why I know I must be becoming a nuisance. I am going to attempt to explain why I am annoying, but it still isn't right... I know that and I will try to not be a bother any more.

I sit here every night alone. Occasionally, I have a friend that I have dinner with, and lately I have been walking in the evening with another friend. Other than that I am at home alone. I do not watch TV and even if I do, it does not fill the void of wanting someone to talk to. I go to work every day, I come home, I go for a walk, and then I am alone. On the weekends, I basically spend the time alone except for Sunday. Actually out of all the days of the week Sunday is my fullest, even though many times I still feel alone and like a third wheel, or that the people that I am with are allowing me to be there because they tolerate or pity me. What is worse is I will allow them to do that because I don't want to be alone.

I know I am venting and airing laundry that the world doesn't need to see or read...   this is my blog... a weblog... a journal of sorts. I hope that those who read it will understand that they may know someone just like me... they may be able to reach out and make that person feel better about themselves and give them someone to connect with. I am also writing this to let my friends who I have been annoying to know I am sorry... I care about you all or I would not want to talk to you and know how your day is going... I plan to do less of that... cause I know if I can see when you are online you can see when I am online and if you want to talk to me.... I will be there... again sorry for being so ANNOYING!

The Quote:
"I'm aware that I can be annoying." ~Sandra Bullock
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