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It is amazing where I get my inspiration for this blog sometimes. A friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook today....
I remember when posters and commercials had the same type of slogan that had to do with drugs. We could make this about anything. I of course did experiment with art, and even though I am not very good at it I love to be creative.  There are so many things that kids should experiment with, things that in the long run may help keep them from the negative influences of peer pressure and drugs. It isn't a promise but it can not hurt to give them the opportunity.

Kids should have the chance to experience sports, all kinds of sports. Someone may not be good at football, but awesome at soccer. Swimming might be just the right thing for another kid. There are so many active inside and outside activities that we all should try. I love tennis and basketball, I can no longer play them. I can shoot a basket ever now and then but any running can not be done.

Some kids don't like sports, or can not play for one reason or another. That does not mean there is nothing for them to do or experiment with. I had some of my students a few years ago make movies in my class. Many of them had fun, and a few seemed to really like it. I hope that those movies might have sparked a longing for them, that they have and will enjoy for years to come.

Photography is another area. I love photography and again I am not very good at it, but it gives me pleasure to frame a picture to capture a moment or scene. This is something I have done with my students also. I give them cameras and let them be the school photographers. I hope that will spark an interest in some of them.

I have allowed my students the opportunity to complete hand drawn art pieces and digital art. I see everyday the ones that I know have a desire to be creative.

As parents it is our job to nurture our children and see that they get a good education. I feel it is also our job to help them experience the things they enjoy in life without criticism or harsh words. What we say to or around our children will make or break their spirit. Even as adults our words can cause their spirits to diminish toward a goal. We need to encourage, even if that thing is not the thing we want them to do, not everyone can be a Doctor or Lawyer. The world would be a really sad place if we were.

There is one more thing that kids need to experiment with, well not really experiment but enjoy. That is a life lived for Jesus. The best thing I tried was Church, Faith, and God. It lead me to salvation and eternal life. Because I experimented by putting myself in church, I have a better life now. If you have not tried going to church, and spending time alone with God, maybe now is the time you did. You will be amazed at the things that will happen in your life if only you put yourself in His hands.

Lord, thank you for the ability to experiment. I think if we did not have the chance to try things in this world if we were all robots or puppets we would be a very unhappy bunch of people. You loved us enough to allow us choice, I pray that I make the right choices from now on and that those reading this blog will too.

The Quote:
"How could youths better learn to live than by at once trying the experiment of living?" ~Henry David Thoreau
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