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I have not been very diligent in posting to this blog and I am sorry. I said I would do a word a day and I have not. It is hard to come up with things to say everyday... and bring a fresh perspective to to this blog. I will try to do better.

The Bible uses this word often. In the New Testament the Greek word ĕkzētĕō (ek-zay-teh'-o) is used which translates as investigate, crave, demand, worship, seek after. In the Old Testament the Hebrew word shâchar (shaw-khar') is used which translates as early at any task, to search for, inquire early, rise and seek, seek early in the morning, diligently. In almost every instances that the word diligently is used it has to to with seeking God in some way.

What are some ways to diligently seek God? When should we diligently seek God? Why should we diligently seek God? I think these are very good questions that really every person should ask. And I will say this with confidence, as many people ask these questions there will be just as many answers. Diligently seeking God is a personal matter. I can an will answer these questions here today for me, that does not mean that anyone reading this will answer the question in the same way or even agree with my answers, but like I said seeking God with diligence is a personal matter. So here I go....

What are some ways to diligently seek God? First look at the Greek and Hebrew translations, we need to investigate, worship, crave, demand, and inquire. When we here the word investigate it brings to mind the thought of a detective looking for evidence, I believe we should be just that way in searching for God. He is everywhere and we can investigate everything to find Him. Dig deep in the Word, Listen to the silent breezes, smell the fragrance of the flowers. We need to crave Him enough to want to investigate and when we find Him we need to worship Him. I am not saying to worship a flower because He made it, worship Him for the beauty He has created. In seeking God diligently we can inquire of others about Him, and discuss ideas. We can even demand that we want to see Him, and He will make Himself known. He will not appear physically, although He could, but He will show Himself in a way that there would be no denying He was present.

When should we diligently seek God? The Hebrew word says early, and in the morning. When I read what Strong's Concordance said about early at any task, I thought of the phrase "the early bird catches the worm." Worms come out of the ground at night, and birds that hunt at dawn before the worms start to go back under ground are the lucky ones. So early in the morning maybe the best time for some. I personally read my bible and spend time in prayer and study right after I get up and get dressed. Some people need to wait until later in the day, or before bed at night. Just because I study in the mornings does not mean that I am not seeking all day. The Bible says, "Pray without ceasing." I Thessalonians 5:17. I think that we seek God when we pray and without ceasing would be diligently, right?

Why should we diligently seek God? Well, one obvious reason is because He is God and deserves to be sought after. Beyond that we need Him and His guidance in our lives, we need to feel love and wanted when it seems no one loves or wants us here. We need His mercy, love, grace, patience, strength, and even judgement in our lives. To me without Him life is to hard to handle and not worth living. If He was not in my life I can not imagine where I would be, I do know it would not be good.

I can say I do not always follow these things I have stated here, I am human and I stumble way more than I should. I am trying to live the life God wants for me, with all the ups and downs that keep me on my toes and growing spiritually. It is my prayer that I can attempt to seek God more diligently everyday.

Thank-you Lord for loving me enough to allow me to seek you, now let it be with diligence and without complaining. You are worthy of my devotion, even though I am not worthy of your love. I praise you Lord for all you have been, are, and will be in my life, Thank-you!

The Quote:
"But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek after Him." ~Hebrews 11:6
The Drawing:

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