Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I know another word I have "done" sort of and yes, it is about the same thing.... FAITH. That has been my theme a lot in these blogs, maybe because I need more, maybe because I need to exercise it more, or maybe someone who reads this needs a little encouraging. Whatever the reason here I go again.

This year I stepped out on faith and went to Croatia. Since my return, a lot of things have happened that have caused me to have the idea that I am to return in some capacity. If it is teaching great, if not that is ok also, I am still not sure if it is even the Lord's will. This I do know, I have to step away from my secure position, I need to start saving money, keep in contact with those who are in Croatia and those here who could help me go back. I step way from that position and step toward a destiny. In my sight right now it is a dim vision of what I think that destiny will be and may not be even the one God has for me. He may lead me in a completely different path. Where ever this step takes me I will go, I have to have the faith to step.

So, good-bye security and hello destiny whatever it may be. Lord, thank you for the opportunities you have given me and those that are before me. Whatever your will for my life is I am stepping out. Make my faith to continue strong and give me the vision as I move along your path.

The Quote:
"To step toward your destiny you have to step away from your security." ~Craig Groeschel
The Drawing:

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