Thursday, May 2, 2013


The Quote:
"Repay no one evil for evil." Romans 12:17a
Many time we want to repay people for the things they do for or against us. It is always appropriate to repay the good things with good. God wants us to treat each other way we want to be treated, and we all want to at least be acknowledge a little when we do nice things.

The bad things that are done to us, God wants to handle. We often fly off the deep end and lash out at those who have treated us less than we think they should have. I know I have feelings of wanting to get even, and if I try I always seems to make things worse for myself instead of better. That is because I did it myself. When I let God handle the situations in my life that cause me problems they work out the right way and everyone in the end is happy.

Lord help me to let go and let you have ever situation in my life. Let me treat people with the respect you want them to have and not repay evil for evil.

The Drawing:

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