Saturday, May 4, 2013


 Peace-ably is the way I see this word. So we are to ably live in peace with all men when it is possible. I try to be at peace as much as possible, who wants chaos or strife? I don't think anyone really does. How can we live peaceably? Some of the same things I mentioned yesterday could help us live peaceably. We should not try to upset people, I mean if you know something upsets someone why do it, that is not living peaceably. There are people in this world who are bent on annoying other people, just because they can. Helping others when they need help is a way to live peaceably. If you do have a disagreement with some one fix it as fast as you can so harmony can be had by all. Don't hold a grudge. 

It is not easy to be at peace long in this world. There are times when no peace seems to be anywhere near. At those times I try to pray and get some peace from the one who holds all the world in His hands. If I pray and meditate long enough at least a little peace will come into my life. I want to learn to have more peace even in bad times, to be able to seem peaceful even is it seems impossible. I want to ably live in peace with all people.

The Quote:
"If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men." ~Romans 12:18
The Drawing:

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