Monday, May 20, 2013


Grace: unmerited favor, mercy, pardon, approval, favor.

God's Grace is given to all who believe in and put thier faith in all He has done for them. It is unmerited, we do not deserve it. Man long ago turn their back on God and yet God still loved us enough to have mercy on us and give us a way out of the destruction we are bound for.

Grace doesn't stop there. It continues to come to our lives through the love of our God and Father. He pours it out daily, and we are told to grow in that grace. To use it to gain knowledge. I believe we are supposed to impart the same type of grace to others as needed. Many of the people we deal with every day treat us less than nicely. Just as we have treated God. He gives us grace, we need to give it to others. I believe this is one way to grow in grace. The more we give the more we recieve. We can never out give God in any way.

Lord help me to grow in grace and pass on your grace to others in the words and deeds I can do for them through you.

The Quote:
 " But grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." ~II Peter 3:18

The Drawing:

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