Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Today, while reading my devotion I was lead to think about action verbs. In my reading the author points out that Christianity is a verb! Christian are followers of Christ, they are imitators, they are children, all of which have something about them that makes them active. He also reminded me that the book of Acts was all about the actions of God's people, they didn't just sit around talking about Jesus and what He did, they went out trying to lead people to Him.

He quoted someone who is a missionary to India, who is working with woman and children stuck in the mess of human trafficking. She said. "If Christians believe that the image of God is in every person, why don't we act like it? Why do we turn our eyes from the poor, the widows, the orphans, and the prostitutes? Although prayer is necessary and helps bring comfort, it's not enough to truly alleviate suffering. God didn't send His Son to pray for us but rather to act for us."

God wants action, He wants us to pray for everything, and He wants us to act when it is in our power to do something. We can pray for a friend who needs to be comforted that God would send someone to do that. If we are there, why aren't we doing the comforting, seems God has already supplied the need before we even began to pray. God wants to answer the big prayers, the ones that only he can answer, if it is in your power to supply the need, or hug a friend, or give some money, do it and pray that God will use what you have done for His honor and glory.

The Quote:
"When everything is said and done, God won't say, "Well said, good and faithful servant." He won't say, "Well thought," "Well planned," or even "Well prayed." There is only one commendation He will give: "Well done, good and faithful servant." ~Mark Batterson
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