Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I believe every person is an artist. The problem is the word artist is thought of in one way; something that has to do with preforming, creating (drawing, painting, etc.), or writing. Art is much more than that.

A mother is an artist when she creates a dinner that her children love, or sings a lullaby. When she cleans the house and make that house a home, she is an artist. A father is an artist when he helps his child learn to ride a bike, or builds a treehouse. Husbands and wives are artist when they live together in harmony and strive to create a home together.

Art flows through the veins of all people builders, doctors, bus drivers, and even garbage collectors. Those who are "handicapped" as the world sees them, are also artist.

Now, the reason I believe that every person is an artist is this, God is the ultimate creator and artist. He made all that we know and see either of His own creation or by giving a man the inspiration to create it. He is part of every human on this earth and because He is we are also creative beings, Artist. So let the artist in you flourish!

The Quote:
" The artist is not a special kind of person; Rather each person is a special kind of artist." ~Ananda Coomaraswamy

The Drawing:


  1. Vanessa, this is so true. Since I started teaching Zentangle I have encountered so many who say they are not artists and could never do anything like that. I am constantly reassuring them that they ARE an artist, they just have not found their creative outlet. Thanks for sharing your loving creative self with us.
    Sue O.