Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today, the devotion for my prayer challange had to do with waiting. Like the writer I do not like to wait. I am sure there are many of us the same way. Waiting is not something that is easy to do. I think about the guys at the barber shop in Mayberry, or Ma and Pa Kettle; how they never seemed stressed by life. They seemed to not have a care in the world. Laid back and taking one second at a time. Wouldn't it be nice if we could live like that now.

My problem is when I get time to be just laid back I feel like I have to be doing something. When I have time to spend praying a lone with God (other than the quick prayers I sometimes utter) I feel like I am "wasting" time. Any time alone with God is never wasted. I need to spend more time there. I need to be patient and wait and listen for God to answer. I may have to wait years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds that cause me frustration. God needs us to be willing to wait, to say "God, your timing is perfect."

Lord thank-you for always answering, even when I have to wait. Help me to realize that growth is taking place in that time, growth that I obviously needed.

The Quote:
" Waiting is part of prayer, and prayer is a form of waiting." ~Mark Batterson "Draw the Circle"

The Drawing:

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