Saturday, February 23, 2013


Laundry day again, time to get my clothes clean. As i sit here waiting through this chore I am thinking about the word clean and what that means to my life.

When I was in college I sang in our school choir. We sang a song by John Michael Talbot called "Create in Me". It is from Psalms 51 and other scriptures. I think it was my favorite song we sang, I love to sing scripture.

What does this song say? 

Create in me a clean heart (Psalms 51:10); to me this means the heart we have is not already clean and since David was a man after God's own heart it must not stay that way. David was asking for it to be done again. 

Let me be like you in all my ways (I John 2:6); To me this means that I should be like Christ, having compassion and mercy, love and forgiveness for all people.

Give me you strength (Psalm 18:1); Oh how I need strength, I think we all do. We need to rely on God to give us the strength to live the life he wants us to live.

Teach me your song (Psalms 40:3); God has a beautiful song for us, and he wants us to learn to sing it joyfully, to remember it in the good times and in our times of distress.

Shelter me in the shadow of your wing (Psalms 17:8);  Like a bird hides her babies under her wind for protection, so God places his wings of protection around us. Because he loves us. 

For we are your righteousness, if we die to ourselves and live through your death (Galatians 2:20); This says it like it is, we can't be righteous without first dying to our self, and letting Christ live through us.

Then we shall be born again to be blessed in your love (2 Corinthians 5:17); If we die to our self we will be a new creation loved and blessed by our God and Father. 

The Quote: 

"Create in Me, a clean heart Oh God, let me be like You in all my ways.
Give me Your strength, teach me Your Song, shelter me in the shadow of Your wings.
For we are Your righteousness, if we die to ourselves and live through Your death.
The we shall be born again to be blessed in Your love."   ~ John Michael Talbot
 The Drawing:

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