Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Our church choir is getting ready for our Easter Sunday Service, we are preparing a cantata entitled "It is Finished". For the past few mornings when I have woken up one of the songs it playing in my head. Probably because it is my favorite of all of them and because it is the one I think I need to be reminded of the most. The Title of the song is "Behold How He Loves". The part that I hear is my Quote for the day, I am not sure who wrote it because I don't have the book here at home.

The things that Jesus went through for us, for me; showed how much He loves us, me. I have to add the me because there is my problem. I can't understand why He loved me. Other people, I can see why they should receive His love. I always think I have done nothing that should give me a part, any part of His love. Then I remember NO ONE should have received it! We all are not worthy, yet He gives His love anyway. My job is to except that love and to love others like He loved me, willing to give it all to Him and them. The key and the hardest thing is being willing!

The Quote:
"Our only hope, God's perfect plan, behold the Lamb." ~Sue C. Smith and Lee Black
The Drawing:

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