Wednesday, February 27, 2013


"Whatever things are just..." (NKJ: Philippians 4:8)  right, reputable, pure. These are some of the others words used from other translations of the bible. 

Of course this word also means a lot more in our language. It has to do with legality, things that can be based on fact, things that are faithful to the original, or stand up to a standard of correctness. What does that mean to me? Since, as a person thinks in their heart so are they; then, what I think should be able to stand up to the laws, be faithful to my God, be based on fact, and be correct so that I can be a witness to someone else. The words that come out of my mouth are a reflection of what I think, so I need to think justly. I do not do this, I find myself getting caught up in thoughts that color the way I speak and am ashamed. Lord, please help me to meditate on your word more and keep my thoughts just so I can be a witness for you. 

The Quote: Had to search for justly instead of just. 
"All virtue is summed up in dealing justly." ~Aristotle
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