Saturday, February 2, 2013


I just started reading a book called "The Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer. I am not sure exactly all that I will glean from the book, I downloaded it for my kindle for two reasons, first the title, second it was free.

God has since the beginning of time as we know it pursued a relationship with mankind. He has longed to love and help us in all matters of life.H e wants to continue to do so into eternity. He wants a intimate relationship with all people. Humans in turn have shunned Him over and over, He still pursues. Humans fear God, I am sure the reason is they do not want to have to follow strict rules. The thing is that if we stop and let God "catch" us we will want to be right there. His love, mercy, and grace will be a drawing factor. Then we also will be in pursuit of a relationship that is greater than all we have ever had before, more intimate and full. We will pursue the one who pursues us!

The Quote:
"My soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand upholdeth me." ~Psalms 63:8

The Drawing: 

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