Sunday, February 3, 2013


Yesterday, I wrote about God's pursuit of humans and our pursuit of Him once He was allowed to catch us. I am caught so what does that mean to me.

I marvel at the fact that God wanted me in the first place. I was pretty young when I gave my life to Him way back in 1972. I have grown as a person since that time and I have grown spiritual also, maybe not as much as physically. I am caught none the less, even when my walk along life's path has taken me "way" from God. There has never been a day when He has not come to my mind. I may have been in full rebellion, trying desperately not to have anything to do with Him and there He comes, He is always in pursuit and I am always caught.

To be caught all I had to do was believe that Jesus lived, died on the cross for my sins, and rose from the dead to secure my salvation. All I had to do was believe! I could not do anything else to get caught. I only had to believe! And even if I fall away I am still His, I am still caught. God is awesome! I am so glad He caught me!

The Quote: From The Message
"I was caught up at once in deep worship and, oh!" ~Revelation 4:2a
The Drawing:

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