Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today is Valentine's Day. I hope everyone has a great one.

I want to tell you about my Valentine. She is 24 years old and  beautiful. She has a sweet spirit and a wonderful smile. We have had differences many times and life for us was not always easy, she is a great person. She is many miles away from me now, that does not keep us apart. She has a part of my heart with her and she will always be my baby! My daughter is very very special to me! I love her dearly!

The Quote:
"I gave you life because I loved you. You were my child and I held you close. Now you are a young woman beautiful and strong trying to find your place in this world. I love you, Mom"  ~Me
 The Drawing: (I drew this a while back)

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  1. This is so Gorgeous & the wording is so Fantastic!!! Kudos to you!