Saturday, January 19, 2013


I have been working on another project for a group I belong to Zentangle Inspired Art. Basically, we are to find a "RE" word and draw a picture and find a quote for that word. The word and quote for today here is one of those words because it has been on my mind lately. 
I was sent an email that spoke of something that Ben Stein had said about prayer in schools, reading the bible in school, and worshiping celebrities. How he thought that taking prayer and the bible out of school was the reason we have children who think it is ok to kill people including themselves. I also just read another statement that Bill Cosby wrote about the children of his race not being educated, not speaking or dressing right and having no parents who care enough to teach them. (I will post both statements in the comments section)
I agree with most of what these two men had to say, the bible and prayer are important and should be allowed to take place in school if someone wants to participate in that, it should be their right. We should not force anyone who does not want to participate to do so. Do I think that is the only reason kids take guns to school and kill people, NO. I do believe that some children's lack of education, the way they speak, and the way they dress has to do with a lot more than bad parenting. Children learn things from everywhere, TV, home, peers, and life in general.
Repair, that is what we have to do. We need to start in ourselves, we can't repair other people. We also need to build. We need to build up our children in the way we believe and help them to be strong in their beliefs. We need to help them make hard decisions as they grow up so that when they are on their own they will know how to make good decisions. I know that some of the things both of these men said about families and parents do not apply to many people. I am a single parent, I had to work, and I am sure I didn't do everything right. My daughter is a wonderful woman and she will make a good mom someday. The quote for today will sum up what I am trying to say.... We can't repair anyone but ourselves, we can build up our children to be strong adults.

The Quote:
It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
~ Frederick Douglas
 The Drawing:

PS: Some of the things in the articles I am posting may have been misrepresented when they first appeared many years ago on the web. The ideas are still valid and worth a look :)
Bill Cosby      Ben Stein


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