Thursday, January 24, 2013


"So many questions I must ask myself today, I wonder if Jesus things I have done my share today?" Andrus and Blackwood sang this song a long time ago. I liked it then and I put the lyrics in the front of my Bible.

I have many questions everyday. I have decisions to make. I need to remember while making those decisions and asking the questions "what would Jesus do?"  I know that is another "catch" phrase, it is still true as a christian I should want to do all things as Jesus would do them. I need to think about that before the decision is made not after. If I want to question my life and ask myself if Jesus would think I had done my share I should first ask what would Jesus do. Then I can be sure if I follow His lead I will be doing what He would do. I should actually pray about the question or decision and ask Jesus what He would do and what I should do. He won't speak audibly to me, He will guide me by giving me a peace about the decisions and the questions.  It is my choice to follow His lead or not and that will make the difference when I have to ask, "I wonder if Jesus thinks I have done my share today?"

The Quote:
"The unexamined life is not worth living."  ~Socrates
The Drawing:

I decided to add the link to the song on YouTube.

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