Monday, January 28, 2013


Decisions are not always easy to make. Make the wrong one, and all kinds of things can happen. It can have a domino effect. We make decisions good and bad everyday, giving us joy or heartache. Praying about choices and decisions that we need to make is important, it is also hard to wait for the answer. The sign at the church I attend says "Delay is not denial, so keep praying" That is exactly right. Whether the decision is big or small, God is going to give you the answer in His time. If we push ahead, do what we think is best we may miss the blessing He had in store.
I have a couple of tough decisions to make. I am sure that God will lead me. Unfortunately, I am feeling rushed or pushed to make the decision that others may think is right. Right now I am asking anyone who is reading my blog to pray for me and these decisions, that I make the choice God wants; that I and others have the patience to wait. Thanks :)

The Quote:
The discipline of daily devotion to God under girds decisions." ~Edwin Louis Cole
The Drawing:

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