Sunday, January 10, 2016


"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor than silver or gold."

I have been called many things. Names that have been given to me by my parents, friends, teachers, students, and "enemies" some good, some bad.

It is unfortunate at times that the labels we give people tend to shape and model them if they are used enough. Like calling someone "stupid"... over time that can make them believe it, even when they aren't. Or "clumsy", "fatty", "Petunia", names like these can have a very negative outcome.

I heard someone on the radio today talking about this. She was saying that when you feel unloved or unworthy tell yourself the opposite. And she is right, that is what we should do. It is hard to give ourselves the positive affirmations when we keep hearing the ones we loved using labels to describe us that hurt.

I am so glad that I have a Lord and Savior who see through crud that I have heaped up throughout this life, the stuff that has cause me to feel less than I should about myself. He sees the real me. He knows the names that are true and those that aren't. He longs for me to believe the truth and not the lies. He wants me to be positive about the future and forget the past. He wants me to focus on His names and remember that He can make me into the person He longs for me to be. It is hard and I am trying, sometimes those old voices get really loud... and I have to listen really hard for the still small voice of my Friend.... Jesus!

I have a bracelet that has the names (not all) of Jesus on it. I just wrote what they are on my card today. I often look at it throughout the day when I need encouragement.

Thank you Jesus for being who you are. I pray that I can be who you long for me to be. Help me to turn down the negative voices and listen closely for your still small voice. Amen

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