Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Today it is raining. It will rain much of the day tomorrow or so they weather people say. Rain is another of those things that is good and bad. It really depends on the situation.

Rain is good for crops, plants, keeping lakes full, keeping dust down and many other things. We complain when we haven't had enough for what ever reason. Rain is bad when it keeps us from going place we want to go. When it causes flooding, gets us wet, keeps us indoors, and makes too much noise. Still, rain is needed.

Rain is a lot like the troubles and trials we face every day. The decisions we have to make. Even the Good events can rain down on us and take our breath away at times.  When we face these every day issues we can look at them just like the rain, hiding so we don't get wet, or loving the growth that will come from them. Just like rain, when they come we can be prepared for them. Having a raincoat, an umbrella, or a place to take shelter in the rain is good. In times when we need to make decisions, having troubles, or even good times, God is there with us is like our umbrella or shelter. God says he will protects us and shelter us from the "rains". Sometimes the umbrella he provides causes us to get wet a little, that is part of the process. I don't think I have ever used an umbrella that kept me completely dry. God could do that in our trials or decisions, but how would we learn the lesson we need to learn if He did. He is still there walk us through it when we rely on Him.

Thank-you Lord for being my shelter in the storms of life. Amen!

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