Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Beautiful Mess

I haven't much to say tonight. First, let me say I thank God my friend is out of the Hospital and it seems all will be well. I am so glad God answers prayer.

As for the "art" tonight. Today, I watched a video about making dendritic monoprints. I have shared the video below. So after I watched it I decided to make a few. And then after I did that I threw some string, the way Dina Wakley showed us at Art Journaling live in June.

As for the beautiful mess... well that is what I think of this card. I love the circles, and the string. I like the colors also. You know my life is a beautiful mess too. There are so many things that make my life a mess, but because I have Jesus in my life as my Savior my life is not seen as a mess, because His blood covers my sin. Because I have Jesus as my Lord, the mess I make can be made beautiful by the guiding Hand of His Leadership. Because the Holy Spirit guides me I can walk through the mess of this life and at times even be at peace.

Thanks-you Lord for my beautiful mess. Help me to follow you and allow you to clean it up and make it all what you would have it to be. Amen.

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