Sunday, January 17, 2016


"Above all else, guard your heart, because everything you do flows from it." Proverbs 4:23

This verse can mean many things to many people.

Physically, it can have to do with health and the fact that if we don't take care of our hearts...well... I have a bad heart, whether from genetics or bad living (eating wrong, not exercising right, smoking...) who knows. Still we have to take care of the physical heart so that our quality of life can be all that we wish it to be. I want to be around if I ever have grandchildren and I want to be able to "play" with them, teach them, know them. If I don't take care of my heart I can not do that.

Emotionally, we have to guard our hearts. When we don't two things could happen I guess. One, we could get so hard that nothing flows from it anymore. We could careless about others and ourselves for that matter. And yet wonder why no one likes us or wants to be around us. Or two, we run around trying to find what we need from anyone no matter who they are, just to feel, only causing us to often get hurt more. We didn't guard our hearts. No, you can always keep from being hurt, but what we do with that hurt is how we guard our hearts. How we react to the negativity and rejections we face guards us makes us strong.

Spiritually, we guard our hearts by hiding God's word there. In my experience anytime I am hurting, fearful, angry, or needing any help, I can usually hear that still small voice in my heart saying.... here is this word from me and what about this word. God's spirit speaks to my heart and helps me through the issues I am facing. I don't always listen and then I am not guarding my heart and the hurt causes me more pain.

Dear Lord, Help me to guard my heart. Help me to take care of it physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually. Don't let me harden it, help me to keep it strong so that I can always show the love you have shown me to others. Thank-you Lord for all you do for me. Amen

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