Monday, January 18, 2016


Today, I have been think about the Holiday. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a good man. He did a lot for the world we live in today. I know some people do not think that is so. I was a child in the 60's and experienced some of the stuff of that time, good and bad.

I believe that God creates all people equal. We are all shades of brown in my opinion. My skin is not white, it is tan, a shade of brown. The outside doesn't matter it is what is inside that matters.

The inside. The heart of a person. The true colors of a person are there. We could be and probably are a tangled mess inside. Yet in all that mess is a beautiful part of each of us that makes us who we are.

We should not look on the outside only, we should try an get to know the person inside. I strive to do that, I don't always succeed.

Lord please help me see people for who they are and not what is on the outside. Help me to be the true me to others. Help me to Love everyone. Thank-you Lord, Amen

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