Saturday, January 16, 2016


Today was a day to play a bit with the ideas I had while watching more "art" videos. I think it is important to play, we can learn so much from it.

I tell people all the time that to learn to use a computer program or to be good at doing something you like you just have to play with it. I think that is why, by the time my students are in 4th grade that can use Pixie very well. I don't start out telling them everything the program can do; I show them a few basics and make sure they know how to use a mouse, then I let them PLAY! The kindergartners I have now are doing great with the program, some are really good artist. Their use of pattern and color is amazing. All because they play.

It is a shame that as we grow we forget how to play. We forget that in order to learn we have to be willing to "make mistakes and get dirty" as Miss. Frizzle says! We seek to be perfect the first time and that just will not happen, ever! No one can be perfect except God! I think God is able to play the best, goodness look at the duckbill platypus... I think God not only can play but He has a GREAT sense of humor!

I also know there are people out there who believe that "if there is a God, He plays to much". They believe this because they look at Him like a puppet master pulling strings or controlling lives like a remote control robot. I am so glad I do not believe that. I can't imagine how life must be a drudgery for those people. I think life is exciting, yes I get down and have issues. I am trying to not let it stop my creativity and my play!

Thank-you God for allowing me to play. To learn and enjoy learning. Help me to teach my students that if they are not playing and learning everyday of their lives then they are not living life to the fullest. Help me to be a life long learner and always enjoy playing! Amen

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