Sunday, March 31, 2013


The disciples may have spend the better portion of Saturday being sad and confused over all that happened to their Rabbi. They each had different emotions over it all and different levels of guilt for not trying to stop the horror that was taking place. Little did they know they could not stop any of it, God's plan had to be fulfilled, Jesus had to take every slash, every fist, the crown, the spitting, the words, and the nails for the world's salvation to be secure.

I am so glad the story does not stop at the cross, or at the borrowed tomb. Jesus was sealed behind a stone. There was no way one person could have moved that stone, no way anyone with that intend could have gotten near it since Roman guards were standing watch. Yet on Sunday morning Mary Magdalene and Mary (James' mother) arrived at the tomb to find the stone rolled away. He was not there, He was gone, someone had taken His body. Then a man they thought to be the gardener told them He was not there He was Risen. He told them to go and tell the disciples. They ran as fast as they could to the disciples.

When they arrived at the house where the disciples were they told all the disciples all that happened. When they heard the story of the women, Peter and John ran as fast as they could to the tomb. John out ran Peter and when he reached the tomb stooped down and looked in, but did not go in. Peter ran right into the tomb and behold it was true, Jesus was gone! John heard Peter exclaim the news and then he entered also. They still had a hard time believing all that had happened.

While they sat around talking in the house that day, Jesus appeared to them. It was then that they believed. Jesus was risen from the dead. He had kept His promise. They were now part of His eternal kingdom.

The resurrection is a very important part of the story. The death on the cross was the sacrifice for our sins, the resurrection is our ticket to heaven!

The Quote:
"He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay." ~Matthew 28:6
The Drawing: I drew this a while ago... It fits :)

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