Wednesday, March 27, 2013


God has a Voice. Yes, the word of God is the Bible. He speaks through it as He has through the ages. God has a voice other than that. He is not silent we just tend to not hear Him.

He speaks truth and power. He speaks and clouds roll across the sky. He speaks and a baby is born. Most people (even those who believe) think God is silent. He created the world spoke to people in Bible times and then just stopped talking. I don't believe this is so, God speaks, He has a voice. We need to listen.

Listen to what a babbling stream says to you, a roaring river, a heavy down pour of rain, they all carry a message from God. In your quiet times or when you are alone and afraid, He is speaking. In times of sorrow and happiness, He is speaking. When God speaks things happen! Learn to listen to God, He speaks through many sources! Lord, help me listen to you!

The Quote:
"In the beginning He spoke to nothing and it became something" ~A.W. Tozer

The Drawing:
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