Saturday, March 30, 2013


How do you think the disciples spent the day after the crucifixion? What do you think was going through their minds? Were they happy because the believed what Jesus said about His resurrection or were they sad because they thought it was not possible?

Judas was so bothered by His actions that He tried to give the silver back, then he went and hanged himself on a tree. (Cursed is a man who hangs on a tree) I think he was just a little guilty.

Peter fallen asleep while Jesus prayed and he (possibly) cut off the ear of a soldier which Jesus promptly healed while at the garden. Then Peter denied Christ three times just as Jesus told him he would. After the denial Peter disappeared. Do you think he felt guilty? Do you think at that point he thought Christ could not possible love him and offer him the life he spoke of so many times?

What about John, who was there to the end. He was told by Jesus to take care of His mother. He probably helped them carry Jesus to the borrowed tomb. He had the hard task of comforting Mary as she grieved for her son. Do you think he had enough faith to believe Jesus would rise again the third day? Or did he think it was impossible also?

Mary must have been the most upset. She had lost her first born to a terrible death, a cursed death. She who had found favor in God's eyes to give birth to His Son, now had lost Him. I can not imagine losing a child, and I know I do not want to have to deal with that. Do you think she believed her Son's words that He would rise? She had issues with believing Him before this.

All the followers of Christ had to deal with the agony of His loss, and the issue of Faith. When a friend or loved one dies it is hard and grief comes to us all in one way or another. I believe that after the Cross, Jesus followers grieved and blamed themselves for His death. And you know what, they were right, we are all to blame. Our sins put Him on that cross and in that tomb.... After His death, guilt, grief, and sorrow... Faith?

The Quote:
"After a storm comes a calm." ~Matthew Henry
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