Sunday, March 3, 2013


"If there be any virtue..." I was very interested in the list or definitions for this word in Merriam-Webster and wanted to share them.
"1a : conformity to a standard of right : morality
b : a particular moral excellence
2 plural : an order of angels — see celestial hierarchy
3: a beneficial quality or power of a thing
4: manly strength or courage : valor
5: a commendable quality or trait : merit
6: a capacity to act : potency
7: chastity especially in a woman"
 I was particularly interested in the second definition "an order of angels". If angels are ranked according to virtue in Heaven, then there is a possibility that we will be also, and our thoughts probably have something to do with that. I believe that as a Christian, I will stand before God and give an account for the things I have do here on earth since becoming a Christian. All the good and bad, all the virtuous and virtue-less, everything will be brought out and judged. The God will wipe the tears from my eyes and reward me for the things that lasted through the judgement, the good and virtuous things. This could possible give me my status or rank in his kingdom to come. So here is my question, what do you suppose angels think about? Those are the things I should think about!

The Quote:
"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature." ~Marcus Aurelius
The Drawing:

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