Friday, April 26, 2013


Hospitality means "given to generous and cordial treatment, reception, or disposition, offering a pleasant or sustaining environment.

The are a couple of ways that hospitality is used in the Bible. The first is as a spiritual gift. These are gifts given to people by God to help further the work of the body of Christ. Everyone does not have this gift. This gift is very important when it comes to welcoming new people into services, planning events, opening your home to others, and taking care of other people. People who have this gift are probably outgoing and entertain at their homes often. There are many ways a person who has this gift can serve in the church. If you think you have this gift ask God and your church leaders where you can be used to further the work of your church.

In this section of scripture this word is referring to the hospitality we should all show to one another. We should always try to be pleasant and hospitable to everyone. Even is there is a task we have to do that may upset someone we can do it in a pleasant and hospitable way. God wants us to show hospitality to others.

Lord, I know I do not have the gift of hospitality, that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to try other hospitably. Please help me to be more hospitable and pleasant to others.

The Quote:
"given to hospitality" ~Romans 12:13b
The Drawing:

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