Friday, April 19, 2013


There are many different ways these verse has been interpreted across Bible translations. The King James Version says "not slothful in business" the New International Version says, "never be lacking zeal". The Common English Version says, "never be lazy". And the Good News Translation says, "work hard and never be lazy.

Christians are not supposed to be lazy, we are supposed to be diligent in all things. We should work hard for the glory of God. Being diligent in all we do will not only get things done, it will also help us be a good witness. The world needs a good example of how things are supposed to work. Just think if everyone pulled their own weight and did all their work to the best of their ability, how much better the world would be today.

Lord help me to be a diligent worker in all I do. Help my life be an example to others.

The Quote:
"Not lagging in diligence," ~Romans 12:11a

The Drawing:

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