Thursday, April 11, 2013


I am reading "Cross Roads" by Wm. Paul Young, the author of "The Shack". If you have read either book or even tried to read them you will agree that they are something different. There are a few reasons why a person might not finish "The Shack". one is the subject matter, I would agree it is a subject that can be hard to deal with. The other is the fiction. "Cross Roads" is no different. I have had the book for 6 months and have started it at least 3 times. Until now I have stopped in the 2nd chapter because the main character was not someone I wanted to read about. This week I made myself push through that chapter and I have to say that I am thoroughly surprised with the story so far.

The problem with the fiction in these books is that many people can not picture God (the Trinity) as anything other than supernatural. I think that is the point of these novels. God can be anything He wants to be and can be anything we need Him to be to reach us. He is all powerful, He is everywhere at all times, He is all sovereign, and He is all knowing. This book is fiction, there are parts that God would not actually do. That does npot mean that the fiction does not speak of some truth. God longs to have an intimate relationship will all people. He wants to live in our hearts, in our souls, and commune with our spirit continually. He wants to be our friend, our father, our guide, our parent. The fictions have spoken to me about the character of God, I challenge you to read one or both if you have not already, remembering they are FICTION! And that in the fiction there maybe some hidden truths that you can find. Thank-you Lord for opening my eyes to the things you wanted me to see.

The Quote:
"God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform. He plants his foot steps in the sea, and rides upon the storm". ~William Cowper
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