Sunday, April 28, 2013


Have you ever noticed how the important things in the bible get stated more than once? Paul believed that blessing people was so important he said it twice in one sentence. And he doesn't want us to bless just any people, he wants us to bless those that persecute us.

He says to Bless and not Curse, which of course would be our natural reaction to being treated badly. So how can we bless someone. Remember yesterday I said that Paul quotes a Proverb later in this same chapter -- If your enemy needs a drink or is hungry, give it to them. That is one way to bless them. We should also pray for them.

When I was in high school, many years ago, I was having issues with a girl who rode my bus, she was also in my class. I asked my youth director what I could do to get her to leave me alone. First, he said pray for her. Then he said to go to her and tell her that I was sorry for whatever it was that I had done to her to make her want to treat me they way she did, to ask for forgiveness. Of course I told him I had not done anything, why did I need to ask for forgiveness. He said that didn't matter she obviously thought that I had or she would not be bothering me. He said that after I asked not to wait for a reply but to go on about my business. I trusted him and did as he told me to. I went to her one morning and told her I was sorry for whatever I had done to upset her and asked if she would forgive me. She looked at me "dumbfounded". Then I turned and walked away. Later that afternoon on the bus she asked why I had done that, that I did not need to apologize for anything. She asked me to forgive her for treating me so badly. I did and things were better. We were not best friends or anything but the "torture" stopped.

This idea does not always work. The trick is trusting God will take care of the situation and that person, you just need to bless them. It is hard to confront issues with people, prayer helps. God wants us to try to live in harmony together.

Lord help me to give blessing to all those around me whether my flesh thinks I should or not.

The Quote:
"Bless and not curse." ~Romans 12:14b
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