Monday, July 29, 2013


Life can make us so fearful, anxious and stressed. I knew from the beginning of the plans for the trip to Croatia that I would have to make a presentation when I returned. I would have to field questions about all sorts of things. I began being anxious and fearful of that from the beginning. I do not like to speak I have said that before. Now, I am glad it is finished (I hope) at least for this trip.

If I follow my heart and God allows me to continue to go to Croatia. I will have to speak more often, before and after my trips. I never want to get so used to speaking that it becomes mechanical, that I do it with out the leading of God. God does not give the spirit of fear and anxiety, although I believe if we want to speak God's Story, like I did in these presentation the Devil will cause us a lot of problems. For the moment I am relieved that the speaking times are over!

The Quote: I could not find a fitting quote so I am using the definition in my words.
"Relieved: to feel less stressed and anxious about something."
The Drawing:

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