Wednesday, July 3, 2013


For some reason ants have interested me many times in my life. I love to watch them go about their daily lives, carrying loads that would be to hard for us to carry.

Yesterday was no different. As I was sitting outside praying, I saw an ant carrying something much larger than he was. It was headed in a direction that took it by my foot, which was obviously the only way it knew to go. My foot was in its path and so it just turned in circles until I raised my foot so it could go on the path it wanted to go.

That ant started me to wonder, as they do many times, that we are a lot like ants. We get head strong in the path we want to go, we could care less about who our decision effect and how. We march on and on until we get where we want to go. Then we come to a place in our path, and we circle and circle until the blockage moves, we don't even attempt to find another way because we have blinders on. We don't even care that that might be God, telling us we are on the wrong path. We have the gall to wait even until He moves.

Then as God in is divine wisdom often does, he showed me that I was on the right track. This morning while reading "The Circle Maker" it was about the same principle. God puts blocks in our way to make us turn around and take a different path. In the book, Mark Batterson use Balaam and His talking donkey to describe the same idea. Balaam was ready to kill the donkey for stopping when it was God who was in the way all the time. The donkey was paying attention to the signs, Balaam was head strong.

So we need to be like hard working ants in the respect of how they work. Yet be less like them in the respect of having a one track mind!

The Quote:
"The Ant's Marching Song. The ants go marching one by one, Hurrah!! Hurrah!!"
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