Thursday, July 25, 2013


Yesterday, I told how I was to speak at my Father's Church about the trip to Croatia. I said that Satan was on my heals trying to discourage me and make the presentation a flop. Every time I tried to view my PowerPoint or movie before the presentation they would be messed up in some way.  A picture would be missing, or the PowerPoint would not advance, or the movie had no sound. It was frustrating to no end. It was hard not to let Satan have the upper hand. Even to the very last second before I was to present he was trying to cause me to take my eyes off of God, the reason I was doing what I was doing.

Then as if by Magic, while I was speaking about God's Story... The slides worked perfectly, the sound was playing on my movie and my fear turned to peace. There was a rough patch during the movie (I was supposed to sing and messed up) that was overcome when I closed my eyes and pictured the one I was singing about, Jesus.

I believe God was right there with me this whole time and all the time. While I was battling with my fears, depression, and faults He was trying to get close to me and protect me from those fiery darts. Satan seemed to have the upper hand, and then God said Dude "BACK_OFF!" she IS telling My story! It wasn't really by Magic.... it was almighty power, strength, truth, love, and presence!

Thank-you Lord for helping me through last night and ever day of my life. You always are there for me even when I don't deserved to be help you help me anyway, Thanks!

The Quote:
"There is some magic in truth and honesty and openness." ~Frank Ocean
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