Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Well, today my "nest" will be empty again. I have had my daughter here for 2 months, part of that time I was away, but I still knew she was home. She goes back to the North today. Every time she leaves it breaks my heart, I love to have her near. She lives so far away and if something happened to her I can not get to her fast enough.

My wish is and has always been her happiness. I want her to be happy and loved and she says she is, that is all that matters. I want her to build a home that is Godly and full of hope, love, and laughter. I want God to be the center of her life and when He is then everything else will fall into place.

It is my prayer that she and her boyfriend have a safe trip to their home and always know that this is their home too. That God will bless them and lead them in the decisions they need to make.

The Quote:
"If you love someone set them free, if they return they are yours. If they don't return they never were."
The Drawing:


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