Saturday, July 21, 2018


I have written about this word a number of times. God created us in His image, He was creative and as a result so are we. I think in the course of our lives, of growing up some of us lose that. We need to learn to nurture it in our children and let it flow.
I am a teacher, I believe in constructivism, before you say that isn't a word...
basically a theory -- based on observation and scientific study -- about how people learn. It says that people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences.
In my mine constructive learning involves creativity. Children who can be creative can can learn from the world around them in a very different way. Many times as adults we want to put children in a box called "little adult" which makes them lose the creative fire in themselves. We want them to always sit still and be quite when learning, but that is not how children (or anyone) learn. We learn from doing! We learn visually, verbally, and kinesthetically!  People use all of these learning styles to one degree or another, one is usually more predominate.  We need to allow children to keep the spark of creativity by allowing them to explore learning in this way. I think if we allow this we will have more creative future adults.

This does not mean that we always have to let them run around and cause disturbances in a classroom (or other places) because they are kids. They do need to learn some boundaries, they also need to have time to be creative... As Miss Frizzle would say...

I try to be creative everyday in some way. Just as I try to learn something new everyday. Today will be no different... I spent some time right before writing this block practicing and learning about lettering. There are a lot of "zentangle" patterns that I have never tried, I will work on some of those when I can. I want my mind to expand in my retirement not to stop working! So I plan to be creative. 

Thanks for reading. God Bless You All!

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